Diesel Air Intake and Exhaust Systems Training

Diesel air intake and exhaust systems training

Product Description

Diesel air intake and exhaust systems training

Date: TBC
Ryans Automotive
Trainer: Seamus Ryan
Cost: €300
Duration: 2 Day
Start time: 9.00
End time: 5.30
Payment terms: Payable at time of booking
No Show and Late Cancellation Fee policy that will result in a €50 fee if you cancel your booking with less than 2 weeks notice or €100 in the case of a no show

  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Full printed course notes provided
  • Maximum of 6 people
  • Access to on line Diesel Exhaust Gas Technology e learning course for 12 months

Contact us on 051 424799 to check for next date

The aim of this course is to give a generic technical overview of the main features and operating principles of modern diesel engines intake and exhaust systems and generic test procedures, The objectives are that by the end of this presentation you  will  have  gained  a  working  knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and test procedures of diesel engines intake and exhaust systems components.

This course will take participants through all of the key components and functions of the diesel engines intake and exhaust systems, including:

Diesels emissions regulations

  • The different euro levels (explain the differences between the different European emissions levels)
  • Type approval testing
  • The functions of the different emissions control systems and why they are necessary

Complete Intake system to include the following

  • Air mass sensors,
  • Air temp sensors,
  • Turbos,
  • Boost pressure sensors,
  • Throttle flaps,
  • EGR valves,
  • Intake manifold,
  • Swirl flaps.

Exhaust System to include the following

  • DPF/FAP, Diesel particulate filters
  • DPF/FAP additive systems
  • Additional Nozzle (also know as 5th injector)
  • Exhaust pressure sensors
  • Exhaust temperature sensors
  • Other exhaust sensors
  • Catalytic converters
  • SRC, Selective Catalytic Reduction/Adblue

Diagnosis and testing

  • Typical test methods for the above systems and components

We will be using the following equipment to show how to test and diagnosis various components of the intake and exhaust system 

  • Diagnostic tool (read and interpret faults, view and interpret data stream, activate components and adapt new components)
  • Pressure testing and leak testing equipment (test boost and exhaust pressures and leak testing of intake and exhaust system)
  • Oscilloscopes and multimeter (test various sensors, actuators and analyze signals)
  • Adblue testing and filling tools (show how to test the quality of Adblue, different filling/draining methods and pressure and volume testing)
  • On vehicle DPF cleaning equipment and special additives (show how to perform on vehicle DPF cleaning with the Errecom DPF cleaning system)


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