Vedis II J2534 Option

400.00 ex. VAT

Autoland Vedis II J2534/Pass thru Option

Product Description

J2534 option for Vedis II units purchased before  01/01/2016

Autoland Vedis II Optional extra J2534/Pass thru for the following brands
Note this is the J2534 function for your vedis 2 allowing you to use the Vedis II as a Pass thru device
And this is not the manufactures software for this you need to sign up to the manufactures website and buy a subscription period.
Once you buy the applicable subscription you can perform J2534 Pass thru on the below brands

  • Toyota Techstream diagnostics and calibration wizard 2002 on wards
  • Lexus Techstrem diagnostics and calibration wizard 2002 on wards
  • Opel GDS (global diagnostic system) diagnostics for new models from insigna on wards and SPS (service programming system) all models
  • Volvo Vida diagnostics 2004 on wards, diagnostics only at the moment
  • Ford euro 5 onwards programming/reprogramming and some special diagnostic functions


  • Training on using OE software for the following brands Opel, Toyota, Lexus, Volvo
  • Installing and setting up OE software
  • Partitioned laptops


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