Pneumatic Spring Compressor, Compression Force: 1226 kg

Govoni Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor.
Passengers Cars and Light Commercial vehicles

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Product Description

Govoni Pneumatic Coil spring compressor – Passenger cars and Light Commercial vehicles

Main Features

  • Auto Leveling System: The two auto leveling upper arms allow to work easily both on conical and misaligned springs.
  • Cylinder: Stroke & Power: It is possible to use this auto leveling machine also in case of long shock absorbers thanks to its 330 mm stroke. With a working pressure of 8 bar the machine exerts a compression force at 1226 kg without losing power.
  • Aluminum technology: The cylinder is made in light alloy and nylon resin with fiberglass avoiding consequently the corrosion and the oxidation of the parts of the machine.
  • Brackets system: The frontal and lateral clamps’ holders grant quick mounting and dismounting replacement both of the clamps and of the vice.
  • pedal and safety guard with safety valves: The foot-pedal works only when the safety valve is closed; if it is open the foot-pedal is blocked. Consequently the machine can be disconnected without dangers granting the maximum safety. If the safety guard remains open, the machine is equipped with a safety valve that does not allow working operations.
  • Tools Rack: The machine is equipped with a practical and steady tools rack.
  • Machine supplied with vice to cover most of the absorbers for cars on the market (optional brackets can be added at any time later)


  • CE approved machine in compliance with 2006/42/CE (Machine Directive)
  • Machine weight: 65 Kg
  • Working pressure: min 6 bar, max 8 bar
  • Cylinder stroke: 330 mm
  • Compression force: 8 bar = 1.226 Kg

Standard equipment:

  • Basic unit, 1226 Kg
  • Vice clamping jaw for absorber tube, Ø 40-60 mm


  • Lower brackets (3 different sizes available)
  • Vice large
  • Lower and upper Bracket Mercedes A, B, C and E class Click here to see
  • Upper bracket Mercedes A, B, C and E class
  • Upper bracket Mercedes C class 204 model from 2010 Click here to see
  • Lower bracket leftwards up to 2.5 ton, EG Nissan Qashqai Click here to see
  • Lower bracket leftwards up to 3.0 ton, EG Nissan Qashqai
  • Upper brackets pair, Japanese cars eg Toyota Honda etc, BMW rear shocks Click here to see
  • Coil spring clamp Click here to see
  • Working mirror
  • Wheels mobile set
  • Poly-carbonate panel for safety guard
  • Piston puller / locker for gas shocks Click here to see
  • Set of tools for opening shocks absorbers Click here to see

Product Specifications

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 748 × 621 × 1400 cm


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This video is for reference purpose only and the spring compressor shown in the video is not the exact same model as the spring compressor shown above